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Dog Training Redhill

Accredited CPD Behaviour Training

Welcome to Top-Tails!

Here at Top-Tails, we are passionate about dogs and believe that everyone can have that pooch partnership they have always wanted.

The key to this is by innovative, positive training methods where you and your dog are treated as individuals, where you both gain confidence in your leadership to get the best out of training.

Whilst Top Tails offer basic puppy training to help them learn the ropes, we are also here to help dogs overcome challenges they may find difficult to handle in everyday life, such as food obsession, over barking and phobias.

We love dogs no matter their age or size! Therefore, we do not condone any methods or techniques that may bully or hurt the dogs.

Leadership means confidence, respect and understanding and this creates a perfect partnership. 

Our positive 1:1 training techniques coupled with a realistic and structured training plan, which is catered personally to you and your dog, is what will help you and your pooch to achieve your goals.